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We are proud to set the standard for excellence in dentistry and patient care. We create a warm and caring environment where your comfort and dental health are our highest priorities.

Get Life-Changing Dentistry!
  • Relieve your anxiety with your choice of sedation options
  • Relax with amenities like soft pillows and cozy blankets
  • Receive precise results from our modern technology
Enjoy Comfortable, Gentle Care for Your Unique Smile Care Needs
Welcome to Hunt Valley Dental

Enjoy Comfortable, Gentle Care for Your Unique Smile Care Needs

At Hunt Valley Dental, you’re more than just an ID number or a set of teeth that need fixing. You’re a valuable patient who has trusted their smile care to our team. We’ll do our best to live up to and exceed your expectations. Dr. Rhodes has built his solid reputation over the decades by doing this, and it’s how we operate our practice to this day. Whether you need a dental exam and cleaning, orthodontic care using clear aligners, or full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants, you’ll always be treated with courtesy and respect.

We’ll make sure your time with us is as pleasant as possible. You can relax in the dental chair with your choice of laughing gas or a small pill. Laughing gas goes to work immediately to give you an enjoyable feeling of euphoria and melt away your dental anxiety. For oral sedation, you’ll take a small pill before your appointment to help you fully relax. Plus, to give you the best, most predictable results, we use advanced technology like digital X-rays, dental lasers, and VibraJect, a system for making injections more comfortable.

We invite you to see how we’re different! Call your new dentist in Hunt Valley today at 410-864-1138 to schedule an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.

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Common Questions About Our Practice
Do you have payment plans available?

We understand that out-of-pocket expenses can be a concern for many patients, so we provide a variety of payment plan options to help you manage the cost of your care. We believe that everyone should have access to the treatments they need, and our financing solutions are designed to make that possible. In addition to offering our own in-house payment plans, we have partnered with CareCredit. The trusted third-party financing company provides extended payment terms of up to 60 months. This allows you to spread out the expense over a longer period, making it more manageable for your budget.

Are you accepting new patients?

We are excited to extend a warm welcome to new patients at our dental practice. If you’re in need of a routine dental checkup, a professional cleaning, or have a particular oral health issue you’d like addressed, our skilled team is here to assist you. With our commitment to delivering exceptional care and prioritizing your comfort during each visit, you can trust that you’re in capable hands.

What are some signs I should see a dentist right away?

If you experience ongoing tooth pain, develop a sudden sensitivity to temperature changes, or notice swelling, bleeding, or looseness in your gums or teeth, you need to schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Other symptoms that demand a visit to the dentist include chronic bad breath, sores or lumps in your mouth, challenges with chewing or swallowing, or changes to the color or texture of your gums. Don’t disregard these signs, as they may indicate underlying dental problems. Get timely dental care to help to prevent the progression of these issues into more serious problems.