SureSmile® Orthodontic Aligners

Clear Orthodontic Aligners are the most requested way for patients to improve their smiles and straighten teeth.  Using a digital scan instead of messy impressions, we use 3D printers to fabricate the aligners. Dr. Rhodes uses a series of comfortable, removable, almost invisible trays (aligners) to straighten your teeth.  We can treat all but the most complicated cases using clear aligners.  The time required varies from a few months to 24 months.

SureSmile Treatment Plan

  1. Using Intra-oral scanning equipment, Dr. Rhodes will examine your teeth and show you what SureSmile treatment can do for you.
  2. Do you hate dental impressions? You are not alone. Fear not, Dr. Rhodes has a comfortable High Tech solution, with no mess and no gagging and it achieves more accurate results. Dr. Rhodes will use an intraoral scanning wand to create a highly accurate 3D model of your teeth in just a few minutes. The 3D scan sequence can simulate your outcome before you even start. Dr. Rhodes SureSmile solution is fast, comfortable, and convenient.
  3. Custom Aligners:  The SureSmile lab utilizes the 3D representation to produce a series of clear aligners based upon the exact requirements needed to treat your specific case.
  4. Wear A New Aligner Every 2 Weeks:  Depending on your specific situation, the exact time between changing aligners can vary but generally speaking; you will wear your aligners every day (about 20-22 hours a day) and start wearing the next set of aligners every two weeks.
  5. The Big Reveal:  During the final days of wearing your last aligner, congratulations; you have now achieved the beautiful straight smile you were after! IT IS POSSIBLE. Call us at 410.771.6300 and tell Dr. Rhodes you are ready to start your new smile!

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