COVID-19 We're Open!

To our Friends,

With all the concerns about Covid 19, I wanted to reassure you that Hunt Valley Dental is taking every precaution necessary to keep you safe.  I spent many hours learning about Covid 19, aerosols and how to prepare the office for our patients.  Our goal is to do more than just what is recommended by the Center for Disease Control, we are doing all we can so you will feel safe coming back to the dentist.

  • PPE- we have all the proper personal protective equipment which protects both you and us. 
  • We offer a “parking lot” waiting room.  Call or text us when you get to our parking lot and we will let you know when we are ready for you.  No waiting in the reception area.
  • Everyone coming into the office has their temperature and blood oxygen level checked and answers a health questionnaire.
  • Dr. Rhodes and the team check their temperatures and answer a health questionnaire each morning before starting work.
  • We offer masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to everyone as they enter the practice.
  • Disinfection of the office- We thoroughly wipe down all surfaces, including the door knobs, between every patient. 
  • Each night we use a disinfectant and fog the office.  This kills any aerosols remaining in the air and disinfects surfaces such as the floors and the furniture in the reception area.  This is the same method used by hospitals in their operating rooms.
  • Air Filters- We have 2 new high output air filters which remove aerosols from the air.
  • Plexiglass Shields to stand behind while talking to our receptionist.

We do all this to ensure your safety!


Dr. Tom Rhodes and the team at Hunt Valley Dental

11321A York Road

Hunt Valley, MD 21030

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